Danish Quarter Horse Championship 2023

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Check out the gallery and create a favorite list for your pictures. Read more about how to get your pictures below.

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How to get your pictures

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If you have prepurchased pictures: please make a selection in the gallery and choose the pictures of your horse that you want to download (use the little heart button for that). When you finish that, please fill out the form below, and I will email you your selection for download.

You have not purchased pictures yet

Every exhibitor can purchase a flatrate for all the pictures of their horse for 300 kr. (incl. VAT). Make your selection in the gallery with all the pictures of your horse/s (use the heart button for that). When you are done, please fill out the form below. I will then send you an invoice, and after the payment, you will receive your pictures for download via mail.

You are not an exhibitor or want to buy single pictures

You can purchase single pictures for 70 kr each directly in the gallery. If you buy more than 5 pictures, you will get a 50% discount. Use the code QUARTER50 during checkout, and the discount will be applied automatically. You find the purchase option when clicking the store button and choosing the product "Single Photo Download".

You want to order prints

All the digital pictures have print quality. If you wish to have a bigger print and would like to have your picture on high-quality fine art paper, as a framed picture, or an acrylic print, you can purchase them directly in the gallery. Check out the store options. Simply choose the picture you want and use the little store icon in the top right corner to select the material and size.

You have a special wish or questions

No problem, we'll fix it! Send me a message and I am sure we will find a solution. You can contact me via the form below, email or on Facebook and Instagram.