Hej, I am Anna!

The horse virus is a strong one, you know that as well as I do. But what if it not only stays a hobby but affects your whole life?

That's what happened to me. When I came to Denmark for an internship in a stable I thought it was only for some months. Little did I know. I fell in love and stayed for good. Now I am living at the Farm Enggaarden and work as a Marketing Freelancer and Photographer. Of course, my main subject is horses, who would have guessed?

Why horses?

I am what some call a "scanner personality". While I don't like to think in boxes, this one is okay for me because it just fits so perfectly. It means that I have a hard time settling for one thing and I would like to do everything and all at once. I have tried thousands of jobs and hobbies, I can tell you. And don't get me wrong: This is a good thing, I think, and I love my energy and urge to explore new things. But sometimes it is nice to rest my mind a bit and focus on only one thing.

This is what horses can give me. When being around horses, there is no space for all those different thoughts and ideas. I have to be in present time and focus on the very thing I am doing, otherwise the horse would feel, that I am not fully there.

So for me, an hour around a horse feels like a week of vacation. Naturally I want to do that as much as possible!

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art photography is a highly creative and expressive medium that allows me to push the boundaries of traditional photography and create stunning works of art that are both beautiful and meaningful.

It is different from other types of photography because the primary goal is not to document reality or capture a moment in time, but rather to create a visual representation that is artistic and expressive. This may involve manipulation of the image, such as altering colors or textures or experimenting with composition and lighting to create a unique and visually stunning image.

For me that means, that I not only take pictures of horses. I create a picture, that represents horses as I see them. I point out the little details, that catch my eye and I want to express the emotions I have.