Anna Archinger (b. 1994, Neuburg an der Donau) is a self-taught German artist based in Dronningmølle, Denmark. Anna has worked as a professional photographer since 2022. Her art practice focuses on horse photography as her fascination with horses goes beyond a mere passion. She lives at the farm Enggaarden, an education center specialized in teaching the “Academic Art of Riding”, where her connection to horses recalls seminal artists’ fascination with horse study. Within the last three years, Anna has been elaborating a stunning body of equine artwork, some of which was distinguished with the Honorable Mention in the Professional category by International Photo Awards USA (2023) and was shortlisted in a private competition run by the Motif Collective Photography Gallery, (2023). Anna’s work is also scheduled to be presented to the public throughout 2024 in venues such as The Glasgow Gallery of Photography (Glasgow, United Kingdom), the Black and White Photography Festival (Athens), and the Chateau Gallery (Louisville).

Hej, I am Anna!

A traveling equestrian photographer who lives in a private riding education center that teaches the "Academic Art of Riding" in Dronningmølle, Denmark. For me, the farm is my open-air studio and the most fascinating workplace a photographer could dream of. I’m an artist who lives in the environment of my own inspiration — horses! I live surrounded by my ‘muse’ and power animals, as I love to call them.

Equine Photography

I specialize in equine photography, which is linked to a long tradition of Equestrian Art in Western art history. From great masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo’s anatomical studies of horses to glorifying representations in war paintings and Eadweard Muybridge’s first photographic research on horses, which revolutionized the cinematic industry, horses have fascinated artists for centuries. Their expressive nature inspires my photographic work, too, as I feel that horses inhabit any scenery with a fascinating force and calmness. Their bodies are monumental presences that demand attention, admiration, and respect. In my case, horses inspire my artistic reflections, which I express in isolated frames that stand as proof of my special relationship with my subject.

Passion and emotion

My passion for photography and horses converge in a painterly and idyllic aesthetic that evokes a spectrum of emotions. With my equine photographic practice, I’m seeking to revive the human-animal bond and preserve my artistic vision of these seemingly mythical creatures whose elegance and movement inspire me to connect with our true nature — freedom!

If you’d like to feed your eye and mind with impassioned content, join me on my artistic journey by connecting with me on Instagram and my Newsletter today. You fell deeply in love with my photographs and would like to add an equine artwork to your home? Contact me to order a fine art print of your favorite picture.

Group exhibitions

Open, Art competition, 7th edition, organized by the Art Room Online Gallery, 2024

2nd Annual B&W Athens Photography Festival, Serafino Exhibition Hall, Athens

White Edition, International Photography Exhibition, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, 2024 

Movement, International Photography Exhibition, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, 2024 

Monochromatic, online group exhibition, Chateau Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky, 2024

Curated Art Shop, The Collected Horse, digital collection, 2024

Black Edition, International Photography Exhibition, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, 2024

Art On Loop London-Athens, The Holy Art, London, 2024

"Black and white" exhibition, Independent & Image Art Space, Chongqing, 2024


Honorable Mention, Professional category, organized by the International Photography Awards USA, 2023 

Shortlisted in the Silhouettes thematic call, organizer The Motif Collective Photography Gallery, 2023

Honorable Mention, Open Theme, organized by the Artist Gallery, 2024

Nomination in two categories in the professional category, organized by the Fine Art Photography Awards, 2024