Imagine this

Photographs that make you swell with pride every time you see them because you are blessed to own the most beautiful horse in the world.

Pictures that show your horse's true character.

To work with a photographer who loves horses just as much as you do and will probably steal some pony kisses.

Photographs that remind you why you do this on your most challenging days.

A home where you smile every time you walk into a room and your eyes fall over your printed memories.

A photographer who can’t wait to meet you and your horse and create those memories for you.

My mission is to make you fall in love with your horse even more

Through exceptional fine art photography, I aim to capture the true essence, elegance, power, and even the quirky moments that make your horse so captivating.

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More than just a photographer

As a fellow horse enthusiast and passionate photographer, I understand the connection between you and your horse. For this reason, I specialize in creating fine art horse photography beyond mere images — it captures the essence, energy, and elegance of those special animals.

What sets my horse photography apart is the artistry infused into every frame. Each picture is carefully composed to showcase your horse’s unique personality and spirit, transforming moments into stunning works of art. Whether it's a captivating portrait, a dynamic action shot, or a soulful interaction, I bring your equine companion to life through the lens.

I cater to horse owners who invest their hearts, souls, and resources into their equine companions. If you're a dedicated horse lover who embraces the equestrian lifestyle and values the aesthetic and design, my photography will beautifully complement your home. Let me help you preserve your horse's legacy and celebrate the bond you share.

Your experience starts from 2900 kr, payment in installments possible up to 4 payments. For my price brochure, contact me without any obligation.

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Fie & Kashmir

“The pictures are absolutely stunning!! Completely mesmerising!!! I love the feeling that you bring forward in the pictures and the way you’ve captured his soul. The soft and calm look in his eye on the close ups actually made me cry a little bit, as this is the way my connection with him truly feels. The pictures really made me feel like he was in a fairytale and expressed himself just as he is in his core.”

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You'll experience

A fellow equestrian for a photographer who actually GETS the passion.

A pre-session consultation so that by the time the big day comes, you feel absolutely comfortable.

Guidance planning your dream session, where there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

A horse-friendly session where we take the best care of your horse's needs. Whatever the day's mood, I promise we will get your desired artwork!

Equine photography will bring out the chocolate sides of your horse.

An ordering appointment to support you in narrowing down your favorite artwork and selecting your artwork.

Image selections that are individually retouched and handcrafted.

A mix of edited fine art pictures and basic optimized pictures will provide you with the maximum outcome of your session.

Access to high-quality printed products. Fine art paper prints, framed pictures, or acryl glass, we will find the right material for your art.

Memories from your artwork provided digitally, custom sized for social media platforms, so they never look blurry or pixelated.

Digital memories provided in high resolution.

Memories are an investment that lasts a lifetime

Your experience starts from 2900 kr, payment in installments possible up to 4 payments. For my price brochure, contact me without any obligation.

Lets create those memories


How much does a photo session cost?

My session packages start at 2.900 kr. Send me a message to get the full pricing brochure with all information!

In what area are you offering shootings?

I am based on Sjælland and offer sessions on the whole island all year round. I am regularly also traveling Denmark and Germany. Send me a message to get the newest information about my shooting tours!

Do you decide on the style of the pictures or can I?

I wish to know your vision! Of course, I will bring in my style, which you also pay for. But we will talk upfront about your wishes and ideas, so I can create exactly the pictures you dream of!

The breathtaking imagery we create will be worthy of so much more than a life on your hard-drive

Your stunning horse and precious memories deserve so much more than a home on the hard drive or the cloud, only called upon when remembered. When you print your photographs, you allow the memories to flood back every time your eyes fall over your art.

All shooting packages come with stunning prints and credit towards wall art, so your memories can take pride in your home.