I truly believe that every horse is beautiful

Who does not like them? Impressive Spanish stallions, dancing warmbloods, or shiny western show horses. What about all the other horses? The little bit older gelding with a soft look in the eye, the ex-racehorse with poor muscles, the sweet mare with the big ears? Those are the majority in the stables you and I are used to.

I believe they are just as beautiful as the impressive stallion with the long mane.

When I visited Kashmir, he just prove my point so perfectly. Yes, he is a bit older and not in the best shape anymore. And yes, he is missing an eye and has some scars. But when I met him all I could notice was his soft and shiny fur and his elegant appearance. When we started shooting he became all excited, as if he could feel the attention being on him. He posed like a show horse and send me home with tons of beautiful pictures.

I believe, it is especially his "flaws" that make those pictures so special and unique. But I don't think I need to put many words on it - see the results of our session below.