Poses are a science for itself. But my approach is pretty simple: I want to capture you and your horse as authentic as possible, and I would never want to put you in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or weird. On the other hand, there is not much more uncomfortable, than standing in front of the camera and not knowing hat to do, how to stand and where the heck to put those hands?!

So of course I will guide you during your photo shoot with your horse. But in a way that feels good and over all just like YOU. Here is a small collection of poses, that I like to use during my shootings:

Sit in front of your horse

Now this is a great one for horses, that are just too tempted by the grass, or to give the horse a little break during the shoot. You knee in front of your horse and interact with it. It is okay if your horse is eating meanwhile, the moments will still feel and look intimate.

Lean your foreheads against each other

This pose for your photoshoot with your horse is great for close ups. It tells the story of your relationship and is a wonderful calm setting. My tip: Put a goodie in your hand and hold it on the level of your belly button. That is usually already enough to get this cute pose.

Classic Headshot

Not very complicated, and suited for ever horse and owner team. You stand next to the neck of your horse. With your one hand you can hold the horses head a bit, with the other you can pet it or hold the reins, if you have any. This is a basic pose, that I include in almost every horse photo shooting.

Walk a bit

A dynamic pose, that I like to use when the horse starts to be impatient or when I want to give you the chance of loosening up a bit, in case you're a bit nervous. Also, it just adds a wonderful dynamic to your picture gallery: Walking. So simple, yet so powerful. I will ask you to walk with your horse in a certain angle, usually I take pictures from the front and the back, since both can be powerful poses. The only thing you need to be careful of, is to be as close as possible to your horse. Otherwise it would "break" the picture too much.

Give a little kiss

A kiss is a great little kandid! I love to capture it both as a portrait, but also as a close up. Somehow, with horses, it never looks staged but always genuine and just so cute! And after all - who doesn't kiss their horse from time to time??

Always be yourself

Something you'll never hear me say will be things like: "And now smiiiile". I don't believe in fake emotions. If I think that a little smile on your face might look good in the picture, I will probably tell a stupid joke. But usually I try to just capture the true you, without too much fake about it. Because in the end the goal is to get pictures that reflect you, and the story of you and your horse.

Should you practice poses?

While I don't demand, that you are drilling these poses before your photo shoot with your horse, I do believe that it can be good to try it a little bit before. This will give both you and your horse more security on your big day, which will also reflect in a more flaxen experience. Also - it can really be fun!

Hej, I'm Anna

The horse-girl behind the camera

Welcome to my world of equine fine art photography! This is me - Anna, a German living in Denmark, loving horses, dogs and Lakridskugler. Always ready to try creative ideas, explore beautiful locations, or finding the beauty in your daily life. Read more about my work.

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