Today, I invite you on a magical journey through the world of imagination and innovation as we explore the Creativity Method of Walt Disney himself. Of course, this is an interesting topic for photographers. But don't be fooled - every other profession can gain from creativity methods like this as well. I see creativity as a key skill for problem-solving and creation, regardless of the profession. Are you self-employed and need some new input for your business? Or do you feel stuck in your riding? Maybe you need something different and exciting in your life, but don't dare to start something new? This is for you!


Walt Disney, the creative visionary

Before we dive into the method, let's take a moment to remember the man who started it all: Walt Disney. With a boundless imagination, he transformed a simple sketch into a world-renowned entertainment empire. His belief in the power of creativity continues to inspire millions.


The Disney Creativity Method: dream, realize, critique

This method, also known as "Imagineering," consists of three key stages. Walt Disney had a big house, so he even used one room for every stage:


🌈 The Dream Room: You start in a room where everything is possible. Let your imagination run wild. Picture your idea as vividly as you can. Imagine the sights, sounds, and emotions it creates. Try to truly be in it. There is nothing that can stop you. In your imagination, you are in a world where everything is possible!


Think of training your horse, and you are achieving all your wildest goals, whatever that may be. You are riding completely free in full canter on the beach, or you are winning that competition you are dreaming of. Maybe you are dreaming of enjoying great liberty work with your horse. Wherever your dreams lay, this is your permission to dream them as vividly as possible!


🧭 The Reality Room: Now you go to the next room. Here, you will face reality. This involves planning, researching, and taking practical steps toward your goal.


We stick with the example of you as the rider. Now you know what it feels like to achieve your goal. But how could you get there? What would it need in the realistic world to achieve that goal? It might be a special trainer. Or a certain training method. Maybe even some theoretical lessons for you? You plan the exact route of how to achieve that goal.


🔍 The Critique-room: Lastly, take a step back and critically evaluate your creation. Analyze what works and what can be improved. Embrace feedback and iterate.


Here, you might have to face the fact that you can not afford the most expensive trainer, or maybe you live in the wrong country, or your horse has some problems that might prevent it from achieving the goal.


Change of location

Just like Disney, you can use different locations for the different roles. Even though you might not have a particular room in your horse for dreaming, but you can make it a rule that your car on the way to work is your space to dream. And when you walk the dog, you do the reality check. While cooking in the evening, you will be critical of your ideas. This separates the different roles and makes it easier for you to stick to one for the moment. 


Why is this model so successful?

The secret lies in the fact that you have to embody all three roles of the model. Usually, one person is good in one role. Maybe you are always very critical, or you are extremely good at dreaming away but never make all your ideas become reality. You could also be the one always sticking to reality and planning everything in detail without leaving room for dreaming. The method will make you look into all aspects of the creative process. A creative project will not come alive with only one of the steps. It needs all three to be successful.


Remember that the Disney Creativity Method is not limited to any one field or profession. It's a magic wand you can use for your creative purposes, whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, or horse enthusiast.


So, as you set forth on your creative adventures, embrace the spirit of Walt Disney and the Disney Creativity Method. Dream big, work tirelessly, and never stop believing in the power of your imagination. May your creativity sparkle and shine, just like the stars in the Disney sky!


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