"Wouldn't pictures be prettier with summer fur?"

"Aren't the trees much more beautiful when they're green? "

"But the sun doesn't shine at all in January!"

I know these questions and prejudices all too well. 

The prevailing opinion is, unfortunately, that beautiful horse photos can only be taken in the summer. I see it quite differently. Therefore, this blog article is about the advantages of the different seasons concerning photo shoots with horses. 

And who knows? Maybe you'll be wild about a shoot in the fall or winter? We will see!

Nature awakening in spring

Let's start at the beginning of the year. It is still chilly. Perhaps winter has just moved out, but gradually it is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer. The sun shows itself more and more often and brings out the first buds. But even if the trees in the background still look raw and dry, great images can be created at this time of year. My favorite advantage: Every week, a new plant species begins to bloom, and soon the first trees shine in beautiful bloom. 

A significant advantage of this time of year is the lack of flies and horseflies. The warmer it gets, the more insects wake up from their hibernation and fly around. Especially for restless horses or some that are more sensitive to horseflies, this season is optimal and much less stressful.

The next plus point is aimed at all late risers among you. At the beginning of the year, the sun usually rises around 8 / 8:30 am - a pleasant time for a morning light shoot. Instead of getting up around 4 am in summer and being at the shooting location at 5:30 am, we are lucky in winter and spring that the sun appears above the horizon a little later. 

Especially for action-packed pictures, spring is great! The horses have that extra energy that is great to capture in photos.

This is where the magic happens
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Warm summer breeze

The classic for horse pictures! Warm summer evenings, short fur on the horses, and nature in all its glory. In summer, the warmth offers an excellent advantage for those who like to wear a breezier dress in their photos or, for example, also want to go swimming in the sea or lake with their horse.

The colors of nature also change towards late summer. The grass becomes more yellowish and slowly dries out during prolonged, intense heat - a great style that fits beautifully with the shallow evening or morning sun. 

Of course, the weather does not always play along. After all, we are still in Northern Europe! Many are not so enthusiastic about the idea of shooting in the rain. What's your opinion on rain shoots? I think: you can get the best out of any weather situation. And it's these extraordinary moments that often result in the best pictures!

The golden season

With autumn the golden season begins. The temperature cools down a bit, and it becomes more pleasant, also for the horses. The primary time of flies and horseflies is over, so that the four-legged friends can relax again. Nevertheless, autumn still offers many beautiful sunny days, just waiting to be used for unique photo shoots. The sun is now lower, and the light arrives at a very special angle, which creates magical moments.

But magical images can be created even if the sun should not shine and the sky is only overcast. Especially with hazy skies, the skin gets a very even appearance and a beautiful structure - the light flatters the skin very much. 

Especially in the fall, when the weather gets stormier and more unpredictable, rain comes into play on some shoots, and again, I love the stylistic device. 

The first signs of autumn are the orange / reddish leaves and grasses in the background – here, you can create a wonderful image mood. It does not always have to be the dress; even a nice warm sweater and jeans make a significant and coherent shooting outfit.

Natures break

The year is slowly ending, and it is getting cooler. Winter is often not the favorite season for horse people. Darkness, mud, and cold determine stable everyday life. But winter also has its advantages, especially when taking pictures! Of course, snow would be the ultimate. But a frosty morning is enough to create the right mood. Even without snow or frost, intimate and emotional photos for eternity can be made in winter.

The withered nature in the background shows itself in beautifully muted brown tones. It flatters the full-color expression of the picture, especially the shallow color of your skin. Because as already described in the autumn section: the naturally soft light of the overcast sky is very flattering to your skin and the image's color.

Also, in winter, as in spring, we have the advantage that the sun rises late and sets earlier. The days do not ramble too long into the evening, and horse-human couples, where the horse has to be back in the stable at 8 pm on the weekend for stable rest, can enjoy a fantastic evening light shooting.

After reading this blog article, have you found a favorite season for your next photo shoot? Feel free to share your reason in the comments, and I look forward to reading them! 

Maybe we will soon meet in person for your next "season" shooting? I look forward to meeting you!