What was once a funny yearling will eventually become a soft senior. And you are there for all of the stages. The beginning, where everything is new and you don’t want to make any mistakes and give your horse the best start into your journey together. The middle part is where you are following your dreams together as a team. And the last episode, where you worship every minute together. Because you don’t know how many more you will have. Thinking back on all the great adventures you had together and enjoying the trust and comfort of knowing each other so well.

Unico is in that stage now. His eyes are surrounded by grey fur and are telling the stories of the many years he got to spend on earth already. What better time could there be to take those pictures, to remember him forever.

Yes, they are pretty when they are young and fresh and full of energy. But they are just as pretty when they become slowly older and softer.

Make your horse unforgettable

your seven steps guide

Do you know this feeling in the stomach when thinking about, that it is a limited time you are sharing with your horse during this lifetime? You wished it was immortal.

But as heart wracking as it is, they are not and one day you will have to say goodbye.

But on all the others not!

The only true possibility to make your horse immortal is, to enjoy those years you have together to the fullest. Now let’s do exactly that. Sign up and receive your 7 steps guide to create this unforgettable bond!

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