Capturing equine magic

Horse photography that goes beyond the norm

A photography experience like no other

Hidden tails behind the veil of fog - minimalism, mystique, and the timeless beauty of horses. In the setting of smoke and light, we are creating masterpieces, a true work of art with your horse in the focus.

It's the simplicity created by artificial fog, that gives your horse the stage it deserves.

There are no distractions, just the horse and light – it does not need more to create images that are artistic and special. These pictures go beyond normal portraits; they capture the very essence of elegance, strength, and raw emotion.

Welcome to a journey where reality and imagination dance

The fog is like a veil, creating an empty canvas for your imagination. What do you see? Empowerment? Mystery? Magic? Your fantasy is the horizon.

Your horse takes center stage — a majestic creature somewhere between reality and dreams. It whispers tales of elegance, strength, and timeless emotions like a storyteller.

No distractions, just your horse and the light, forging images that go beyond photographs — visual poetry capturing moments suspended in time.

This isn't your typical horse portrait session. It's an exclusive offer for those who seek something extraordinary – true art that goes beyond the norm.

Pricing starting from 5.900. Payment plans available.

The setup

My setup transforms normal riding arenas into captivating stages using a fog machine and artificial light. The used fog liquid is entirely safe for both humans and animals. Sessions typically last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, but I prioritize quality over time limits.

Horse welfare in focus

Having suddenly a light setup and a fog machine standing in the arena can be frightening for horses. With patience and some goodies, up til now every horse got used to the setup and was comfortable after a short time. In the end, it was good environmental training for all my models. However, if I see that your horse is not happy with the situation and does not seem to settle, I will suggest finding another setting. Horse welfare comes first.

Artistic yet personal

The results of your photo shoot will be both - reflecting you and the relationship with your horse, as well as showing true artworks, worth decorating your home.

“Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for all the pictures, Anna. I’m sitting with tears in my eyes so happy with them. There is so much emotion and so much of my girls’s personalities portrayed, it’s just breathtaking! Thank you!!”

Your fine art photo shoot

Let the magic unfold: your photo shoot in the fog.

Your shoot includes:

  • photo shooting without time limitation
  • personal gallery of basic optimized images (min. 50 pictures) to choose from
  • high-quality fine art prints of your pictures
  • no limitation of horses
  • Possibility to purchase more high-quality prints with an already included print value in your package
  • Personal Service: Preparation and Selection Call

You'll experience

A skilled fine art horse photographer who loves horses just as much as you do.

An inclusive photo session without any worries.

A pre-session consultation so that you feel absolutely comfortable by the time the day comes.

Guidance planning shoot and everything around, where there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

Equine photography will bring out the chocolate sides of your horse.

Personal service all the way, including not just a preparation call but also a selection call to help you choose your favorite pictures.

Images that are individually edited and handcrafted.

Access to high-quality printed products. Fine art paper prints, framed pictures, or acryl glass, we will find the right material for your art.

Memories from your artwork are provided digitally, custom-sized for social media platforms, so they never look blurry or pixelated.

Digital memories are provided in high resolution.


Where can we have this shooting?

We will need a riding arena that is closed all the way around, the rest I will handle. I will bring lights and a fog machine, to create the scenery. We will need the permission of the stable owner and of course the understanding from other riders, that we will need the arena for this period of time. The fog will stay for a little while after, but vanishes completely.

I do not have an arena available, is there still a possibility?

Yes, absolutely. If your horse can be transported I can arrange an arena for the photo shoot.

In what area do you offer shoots?

I am based on Sjælland and offer sessions on the whole island all year round. I am regularly also traveling Denmark and Germany. Send me a message to get the newest information about my shooting tours!

Is it dangerous for my horse?

Absolutely not. The liquid used in the fog machine is approved for both animals and humans and is completely harmless.

My horse is anxious, can we do it anyway?

So far, every horse has gotten used to the setting surprisingly quickly. We take our time and comfortably introduce your horse to the unfamiliar surroundings and noises. At the end of the day, it will be great environmental training. However, if we realize that your horse is really unhappy with the situation, we will figure out something else. Horse welfare comes first!

Can I get my pictures printed?

I absolutely recommend to do that! It is an artwork after all. Within my offer you have access to a large selection of different types of prints and sizes. You will be able to order prints right in your gallery, but can also consult me during a selection call for getting my recommendation on printing materials.

I would love to book, but being a horse owner is expensive

I got you. If you feel comfortable with it I am offering payment installments to split up the bill. Let me know, if you are interested in that.

Hej, I'm Anna


Welcome to my world of equine fine art photography. This is me - Anna, a German living in Denmark, loving horses, dogs and Lakridskugler. Always ready to try creative ideas, explore beautiful locations, or finding the beauty in your daily life. Read more about my work.

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