All eyes on you

Personal Show Coverage

Let me be your personal paparazzi...

... your biggest fan on your next show. As your personal photographer, I will complete your show experience and create memories of your show career for a lifetime. Official Photographers, even with a large staff at every ring, can’t be everywhere. They can’t be with you while you’re getting tacked up, in the warm-up ring, or following you out after you've had the round of your life. These are the moments that tell the story, your story, of showing your horse in the ring.

Horse shows are a little bit like weddings: Emotional and intense, and your round that day only happens once. There is so much involved in your showing experience that goes beyond what happens in the ring. Let me be the one capturing all your big and little moments.

No matter how the day goes, you will receive pictures of the moments that highlight your assets and strengths and that are worth capturing forever. You, the horse you love, and the people in your corner. All the memories of your show day.


You can expect all the moments of your rounds. Not a moment will be lost because you are the one and only I am photographing today. From the moment you enter the arena until you finish your performance. High-quality competition pictures with a guarantee. Pictures that truly show the quality of your horse and you as the rider.


A competition day is more than just your classes. It's the getting ready, the special little moments between you and your team, the big smile after your win. Having all eyes on you, I can make sure not to miss a moment of your day and provide you with all those moment-shots of pure show life aside from the standard pictures. The little moments that truly reflect the love for horses.

All of it

It's your day. Fully documented by your personal photographer and you will get all of it. An entire gallery of your show pictures in documentary style is included in your experience. No choosing single pictures, having to decide between all those great moments. Even videos are possible. It's all yours. No limitation on horses or team members. Whatever you want me to shoot: It will be captured. The cherry on top: Add a portrait shoot to your package and complete your experience with that.

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Your personal experience

The classic show photos you know and love, plus candids and detail shots from around the arena. Think of me as your paparazzi or documentary crew.

All packages include:

  • coverage at the show, for a duration you decide
  • personal gallery of fully edited, downloadable images without limits
  • unlimited of horses or team members
  • delivery within 24 hours after the show
  • the possibility of adding video footage.
  • Possibility to purchase high-quality prints 
  • Personal Service: Preparation and Selection Call
  • EXTRA: Choose between show coverage only or a combination of show and portrait pictures in a fantastic offer!

Packages starting at 5200 kr

your First show?

A milestone for your green horse?

A sentimental comeback after injury?

You simply want more than your standard horse show photo?

your First show?

A milestone for your green horse?

A sentimental comeback after injury?

You simply want more than your standard horse show photo?

"They are ridiculously good! I saw some when you took them, and the one with me and Penny in the background! That's as good as it gets! You have really captured what showing is all about! Huge Thank you!"

"Anna, you just create the most amazing pictures with all the love and feeling that nobody else sees! Thank you!"

"I just saw the gallery and you really outdid yourself! I love how you're allowing yourself to do more of the fine-art also at the show-setting.

People get a lot of "boring" horse show pictures through the years, but not many of the kind you create for them!"

You'll experience

An experienced show photographer who loves horse shows just as much as you do.

The most relaxed experience, without worrying if the show photographer actually got your good moments.

A pre-session consultation so that by the time the big day comes, you feel absolutely comfortable.

Guidance planning the day and everything around, where there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

Equine photography will bring out the chocolate sides of your horse.

Personal service all the way including not just a preparation call, but also a selection call to help you choosing your favorite pictures.

Images that are individually edited and handcrafted.

Access to high-quality printed products. Fine art paper prints, framed pictures, or acryl glass, we will find the right material for your art.

Memories from your artwork provided digitally, custom sized for social media platforms, so they never look blurry or pixelated.

Digital memories provided in high resolution.


What is personal show coverage?

Think of me as your personal paparazzi while at a horse show! My private clients enjoy an artistic and boutique approach to capturing their time in and outside the competition arena. My ultimate goal is to capture the experience and story that went into your show day.

Do you cover all my rounds?

Yes! By hiring a private photographer you are assuring that someone is always there to capture your moments in the show ring. For the time booked I am all yours and will not miss a thing!

How many images do you deliver?

I gurantee a minimum of 50 images of your show, this number can be significantly higher if you book a longer coverage and ride more classes.

What shows can I hire you at?

Theoretically at every horseshow in Germany, Denmark and south Sweden. Practically I am booked as official show photographer for some shows, which will prevent me from offering personal coverage for that show. Also some shows have an exclusive contract with the official photographer. In this case, I can not offer coverage here.

When will I receive my images?

I am know for working very fast, and I like to live up to my name. All images will be completely edited and delivered within 24 hours of the coverage ending. You will receive an email with a link to your online gallery where you can view and download your digital files.

Do you offer prints as well?

Within my offer you have access to a large selection of different types of prints and sizes. You will be able to order prints right in your gallery, but can also consult me during a selection call for getting my recommendation on printing materials.

What about video?

Absolutely possible! Just let me know if there are rounds you would rather have video vs photo.

Can I use the pictures commercially?

Commercial licensing is handled on a case-by-case basis. All images provided are for personal use and self-promotion purposes for small businesses. Additional licensing is possible.

I want to book, but being a horse owner is expensive.

I got you. If you feel comfortable with it I am offering payment installments to split up the bill. Let me know, if you are interested in that.

Hej, I'm Anna


Welcome to my world of equine fine art photography. This is me - Anna, a German living in Denmark, loving horses, dogs and Lakridskugler. Always ready to try creative ideas, explore beautiful locations, or finding the beauty in your daily life. Read more about my work.

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