How to find the right photographer for you and your horse

Taking a photo shoot with your horse is an important matter. Just imagine you finally decide to do it, book a photographer, put all the effort in, and of course, invest, and in the end, the pictures are not as you imagined. Bummer. But this can be prevented!

I wrote a guide to prevent precisely this. It will enable you to find the photographer to fulfill your wishes and maybe even more. And if that's not me - that is okay.

The best about all this? It's free!

Free guide on how to find your photographer

  • What is it you have to keep looking for? Learn about the key aspects to base your decision on.
  • What do you have to ask the prospect, to get all the information you need for your decision? The guide provides you with key questions and actionable steps.
  • How do you get to the bottom of what's important to you? You will understand, how you can really take the best decision.
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