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While camera gear is essential for taking good pictures, much more is needed to create pictures and run a photography business. The most significant leverage was for me to find the right software. So many things nowadays can easily be handled with the right programs. I could not run my business the way I do without them. Let's have a look into my tech stack.

I have always added you the link of where to get the program or to find more information. Some of them are affiliate links, which means that I get a little reward for recommending the tool.


Adobe Photoshop

The classic and as far as I can see it industry standard for editing pictures. I can not compare it to any other program, since I have from the very start used photoshop and never tried another editing software. I am using Photoshop for extensive retouch as well as final color correction. While it may seem overwhelming to learn it at first, after a while it is the best tool in the world and my favorite part of editing! I only able to use a small percentage of its abilities and am constantly learning more. My tip: Take it step by step and don't try to understand everything at once. One tool at a time.


Adobe Lightroom

Before a photo gets opened in Photoshop, I run it through Lightroom to adjust colors and exposure. One could of course use Camera RAW for this (the internal RAW converter within Photoshop), but I am used to Lightroom, so for now I'll stick with it. For me, it makes it easy to adjust complete galleries in no time quickly.


Adobe Bridge

Bridge is the tool I am using for culling. In my workflow this is the first tool I use after the pictures are taken. I can run fast through the RAW files and rate them with different markings, to make my selection. It is a simple tool but incredibly powerful and safes me so much time.

A little warning here: Already years ago I was warned that Bridge will no longer be supported by Adobe. Apparently there were rumors that it will soon not work anymore. Up till now it runs still and I am still getting Updates for it, so I am not sure what these rumors are about. I love it and will use it until the very last day.

There are new tools out there, promising to make culling easier and faster with the help of AI, but to be honest I wouldn't want to trust any tool to sort my pictures. This is such an elemental part of my creative process, so the risk is too high for me.


DaVinci Resolve

When entering the world of video, I was standing with a new decision to make: Which editing program. Originally I was trying to take a decision between the one from Apple or the one from Adobe. Both complicated to learn and expensive to buy. I was not sure what to do - did I not really know if video is something I want to get into long term. I was incredibly happy when I got the recommendation for DaVinci Resolve. It is for free, yet absolutely on a professional level. The perfect solution for me. While it is still complicated to learn, there are lots of Youtube Tutorials out there to help with that.


Client Communication


I believe I am the biggest Pixieset fan around. Currently I am using the complete Suite and I have no intention of changing anything here. Their products handle for me:

  • Website
  • CRM Program
  • Client Galleries
  • Shop

Before Pixieset, I had to use and pay for different programs for all these things, and I can tell you, it was not much more expensive, but also much more complicated. The way all these products work together saves me so much time and solves many problems. I am truly grateful for this program. They are constantly developing the suite, and every single time, I am in awe of how much better it can still become. It is by far perfect, and there are a few downsides to it, but for me, this is the perfect solution, and I can't recommend it enough.



Working in marketing for many years, I have worked with many newsletter programs before. When it was time to choose one for my own business, Flodesk was my first choice. It is both aesthetic, and simple. It does not have more functions than I need, but everything (and a bit more) to run a successful newsletter. With programs live, for example, Active Campaign, one can go crazy when it comes to automation and data. But to be honest - it takes a lot to truly understand and be able to work with a tool like that in a way that really pays off. I am, after all, a photographer and I don't want to spend all my time on this kind of things. Flodesk is perfect - it does the job in the most simple and at the same time aesthetic way.




The biggest fear of every photographer: Your hard drives suddenly does not work anymore and all your work of maybe years is gone! While data security is a whole topic for itself - here is already a quick tip: Backblaze. It runs in the background and constantly mirrors my hard drives to a cloud. While I still make additional copies on hard drives, it eases my mind to know I have a cloud option which is always up to date. The best part about it: I can always access my data from the browser login and the phone. Talking about making life easier!



Let's get to the parts of being a business owner that are not so fun: bookkeeping. Especially in my case: opening up a business in a country that I dont speak the language of or know a lot about the tax system and bookkeeping customs. But up till now, my tax consultant didn't have anything to complain about; I always had my taxes paid and never had any nasty surprises, and I am confident in saying this thanks to Dinero. While this system is specifically for Denmark, my best tip is just to find good software that supports you with this part of the job (aside from a good tax consultant, of course).




In my daily life, I have so many roles. Photographer, Freelancer, Mom, Partner, Dogmum, Rider, Friend, etc... The list goes on. It is a lot, and especially with being self-employed, it's hard to set boundaries and focus on only one thing. My life saver for many years has been Sunsama. This program, in its simple yet genius way helps me plan my day, my week, my life. It helps me making realistic workloads and set boundaries, and it also helps me to relax when I am not working, because I know I am on track and I have done what I need to do. Before Sunsama I used to write ToDo lists, long and longer, with not even the slightest idea how to actually reach a good point there. Sunsama is my recommendation for everyone, who needs a bit more structure and control over all the roles and passions.



Trello is my favorite tool to just brain dump ideas, plans, to organize my social media or the next steps in my business. I have several lists here that help me keep my mind clear and all my ideas organized.


Whatever works

Fun fact: The tool I am probably using the most is actually the notes app on my phone. And pen and paper.

This tech stack is constantly evolving. The tools I am using today are the ones who "survived" through my journey so far. Maybe tomorrow I find another solution? Knowing, how important the right IT system is, I am constantly challenging the products and am trying out new things, if I feel they could make my life even easier. In the end, it just needs to work.

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