Adding equine art to your home is the ideal way of showing your passion for horses. One aspect is often forgotten but has a big impact on how your new décor will work in your home: The size of the print. Finding the right size for your wall art is key, for creating the effect you wish for. It is a thin line between a piece that is too big and makes the room seem crowded and one that’s too small and feels lost in the space and makes your room look unfinished. 

But when you find that sweet spot in between, your print will keep the room together and can be the statement decor you were missing.


Let me help you out. I have collected some simple tips and tricks on how to find the exact right size for your print.

Do the math

There are very helpful sizing rules, that will support you in deciding the right size of your print. Even though some rules are made to be broken, those rules for the size of your wall art you should take into consideration. No matter if it is the space over your couch, your huge wall in the hallway, or the tiny space in the toilet. With those rules, you can calculate the correct ratio of your picture: 


1) Your print should take up 60%- 75% of the available wall space, i.e., wall space that isn’t covered by furniture or anything else. Start by measuring the width and height of your wall and then multiply them by both 0,60 and 0,75. This will give you a range of print sizes that will suit that spot. 


For example: If you have a wall that is three meters wide and 2,4 meters high, your print should be between. 1,8 m and 2,25 m wide and between 1,44 m and 1,8 m high. 

2) If the piece of art is hanging over furniture, for example, a couch, a fireplace, or a table, an additional rule applies: The print should be between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture. The calculation is the same as above, you only need to multiply the with by 0,66 and 0,75. Let’s say you have a two-meter-long table and want a picture above it, then it should be between 1,32 m and 1,5 m wide. 

3) Keep the orientation of the wall in mind. If your wall is narrow and high, your print should be vertical. If is it a long wall, horizontal might be the better choice. This also depends on the furniture around the empty wall space. 

I tell you, even if this seems complicated now. Try it! I have always been the worst in math at school and even I could do those calculations. So, I am sure you can do that as well!

Fake it till you make it

Now that you have a good range of what size your print should have, it is time to get practical. Take some painter's tape and put it on the wall, where your print should be. Try the different sizes you evaluated in the steps above, but also try to be a little bit creative and see what works for you. You could even take your phone and take some pictures, to see the result from a different perspective. This is your chance to try all the possibilities until you find the one you like best.

Bigger is always better

The rule of thumb is: if you are in doubt – choose the bigger size. A too-big print harms your room less than a too-small one. If it is not possible to cover the space with a print, because it is simply too big or the picture you want is not offered in such a size, a gallery wall might be a good solution for you. Here you take a bunch of pictures and organize them in a collage. This way you can cover up a greater space and even showcase more art! I'll share some more tips for this kind of wall art later. 


So, remember: Go big or go home. Maximize the statement and give your room a real glow-up.

Position matters

Now that you have found the right size for your wall art, you also need to place it correctly. Only then the print can do its magic in the room. Place it too low or too high and you will again have the feeling like something is off. You will want the center of the print at eye level. If you place it over a piece of furniture, such as your bed or couch, you should give it some space to breathe. 15 cm to 30 cm is the general recommendation. 

The more the merrier

If you can’t decide on only one picture or your prints are too small for your wall, you can create a gallery wall. This means you place all your art in a collage. This collection then is treated as one piece, size-wise. You can apply all the rules above. Put all your prints on the floor and arrange them in the way you would like to have them on the wall.  You can choose to have pictures or frames in the same size and choose a grid format, or different sizes and create a cluster. Small pictures should be 2,5 to 4 cm apart. Bigger pictures 5 to 7 cm. 

Now that you know all about the right sizing and positioning of your wall art, you just need to find the right print. Have a look at my store and find the perfect piece of equine art, so you can showcase your passion also in your home.

Bring your passion home

Horses are art and as such their pictures should hang on our walls. Also on yours?

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